Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 17: Explosions and Hit Detection

I'm back from vacation and have made progress! I've finally got around to implement hit detection on the shots from the user ship so that the enemy ships with be removed once shot. I've also coupled this with a explosion sprite to give it a space battle feel. I'm also planning on uploading around 10 different explosion sprites and have it randomly choose which one to display to mix it up. The menu has also been tweaked to look better with better button placement and an updated background.

The first stage is also in development. I've set it up so adding new ships will be easier than before and are all timed based upon when the level starts. To initiate the first level, I've changed it from being automatic (which seemed very abrupt) to having a "Tap to Start" mechanism. I'll try to make the 1-1 stage around 60 seconds for adequate game play. Score will be added shortly after that to make sure the player's performance has some indicator. After that, I'll be working on the enemy attacks to keep the game more interesting and fun.

Fun fact: Currently at 800 lines of code

That's all the updates for today. I'll be showing pictures of the Menu screen in the future along with the first stage when it's completed and ready.

Happy 2012 Everyone!

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