Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 3: Building the UI

Today I've managed to implement animated sprites. This means that my little ship on the bottom of the screen now has a moving fire and doesn't look so blocky. I've also started to build my shooting system where when you tap the bottom of the screen it will fire a shot upward. This is also accompanied by some basic controls where the bottom left moves the ship left and the bottom right moves the ship right. I've been having trouble getting the shot to display its associated image but I can't figure out why at all. Hopefully that will be resolved tomorrow.

I've also been able to re implement the main menu after it was disabled during the transition from openGL to canvas. The rest of my work has been mostly technical, under the hood, stuff like implement an FPS counter and making sure it stays constant with the game engine. Once the shooting it enabled i'll work on adding enemy ships and hit detection which is sure to be a chore.

Sadly, there will be no pictures uploaded today but it honestly looks ugly but once I've made more progress, added a background, and colors i'll have it uploaded here.

Also, if anyone is a good artist and wants to donate some sprites/images/animations i'll be sure to find a use for them. Anything space related such as ships, missiles, aliens, enemies, backgrounds or whatever you could think of would work. until then, I'm making rough placeholders in Photoshop and using those until I have something better.

Again, hope everyone's Holidays are going well!

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