Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 2: Progress Being Made

After some tinkering and tutorial work with openGL ES it has become quite obvious that the functionality it offers is too advanced for what I need it for and the complexity makes it very difficult to use. I've decided to instead load bitmaps and draw through the android canvas which has proven to be much easier. From here, I've achieved drawing pictures on the screen and implemented drag/drop movements, automatic movements (great for AI enemies), and an exit button (button of the screen currently) all quite simply. Handling touch events is pretty easy in android compared to what I was expecting.

From here, I can start loading in all the UI materials I need for the game. These include a bottom bar for score, lives, time, level and other relevant information. I can also start creating my user's ship and designing it's movement and attacks similar to a galaga shooter. Once that basic framework is in place, I can start designing enemy ships, enemy attacks, movement patterns for them and really begin creating stages and levels.

I'm happy with my progress for being very early in the development phase. Once I've made decently visible progress I'll begin uploading pictures of my work.

Happy Holidays!

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